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Pet Vaccinations and Exams in San Antonio

Wellness Care for Pets

Wellness and preventive care is foundational to a healthy life. We recommend all pets have annual physical examinations for a number of reasons. First, a complete physical is the most effective means of catching health problems early and administering treatment before they have been able to develop. Second, a yearly check-in allows us a perfect opportunity to administer needed vaccines, test for heartworms and other parasites, and answer your important questions about your pet’s health!

Your pet’s annual examination is the perfect time to address:

...and more! We would love to hear any questions or concerns that have arisen about your pet. After all, you are more familiar with your pet’s day-to-day routines and changes than anyone else. Your input is indispensable when providing complete care to your pet.

Do you have a senior pet? Learn more about Senior Wellness Care

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