Why Senior Wellness Care?


When your pet reaches their golden years, their needs begin to change, and the senior wellness care provided by Affordable Pet Care Basse is designed to meet the needs specifically seen in senior pets. We believe that the earlier potential health problems can be identified, the more effective their treatment can be!

What Does a Senior Pet Wellness Exam Consist Of?

We use our senior wellness exams to conduct a nose-to-tail check, as well as to check for other concerns such as mobility, pain and discomfort, physical changes, and more. We may also recommend diagnostic testing, such as blood work or urinalyses, to give us a full picture of your pet’s health. In many pets, a testing of their levels is required to determine their true condition as our best friends are accustomed to hiding their pain and discomfort.

How Does a Senior Pet Wellness Exam Make My Pet Live Longer?

Our pets’ senior years are the time when health problems begin to manifest themselves. Because our pets are good at hiding their weaknesses, we may not see any sign of health problems until it’s too late! If your senior pet is coming in to Affordable Pet Care Basse on an annual and biannual basis to receive care, be examined, and have diagnostic tests performed, our veterinarians will be able to identify potential health concerns and treat them promptly and effectively. This, in turn, gives you more quality time to spend with your best friend!

When Should I Start Scheduling Senior Pet Wellness Exams?

All pets over the age of 7 should begin having senior pet wellness exams. For some larger animals, like Great Danes, senior wellness may begin sooner, and for smaller animals like cats, senior wellness may begin a little later. We can talk with you about your pet’s specific needs based on their size, breed, lifestyle, and existing health conditions.

Please contact Affordable Pet Care Basse today to talk with us about your pet’s wellness and schedule a visit with us!