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Proper Health Care Leads to Longer Lives

When your pet reaches their senior years, usually calculated to be about age 7 for most animals, their needs begin to change. Even if they have received complete veterinary care throughout their lifetime, they may need more extensive care when they reach their senior years.

As with humans, older animals will begin to experience physical changes and we will often see the onset of age-related conditions. At Affordable Pet Care Basse, we perform senior-focused diagnostics in addition to nose-to-tail examinations to ensure that we are able to catch potential health problems early and begin treating them before they’ve developed into something more serious.

Schedule a Senior Wellness Exam

When your pet receives the proper care they need, we are able to increase their quality of life and even help to ensure that their lifespan is a little longer! If your pet is approximately seven years of age or older, please talk with our team about scheduling a senior wellness exam. A longer lifetime is within reach!




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